By registering on your country's website, or by contacting your nearest TECHO office. If you don't have time to volunteer but still want to help, you can become a member and contribute a sum of money. Go to "GET INVOLVED" to learn more.

If you take on an agreement, TECHO expects you to take it with honesty and professionalism, fulfilling everything you commit to. Therefore, at TECHO you can participate as a volunteer according to your availability and interest.

Anyone who wishes can volunteer with TECHO, but our focus is on youth, so we develop volunteer recruitment campaigns in schools, universities and technical schools. In TECHO, all people can participate without discrimination, with their different creeds, origins, cultures and political or sexual orientation.

To find out about TECHO activities in your country, please contact the office nearest you. Go to "WHERE WE ARE" for more information.


Yes, until 2012 we were Un Techo Para Mi País. That year we went through a process of redefinition of the vision, mission and new approaches to work in settlements, including a change of name and image.

The situation of poverty in which more than 114 million people live in popular settlements is a permanent emergency. That is why we build emergency housing. However, this is only one part of a more comprehensive work where young volunteers and the settlement community participate. Learn more in "WHAT WE DO".

In TECHO we define a settlement as a group of at least 8 families grouped together or contiguous, where more than half of the population does not have title to the land, nor regular access to at least two of the basic services: running water, electricity with household meter and/or sewage disposal system through the regular sewage system. Learn more in "WHY WE EXIST".

TECHO was born in Chile in 1997, from the work of a group of young people supported by a Jesuit priest. When the decision was made to formalize this project into a Foundation, the Jesuits of Chile supported this initiative both legally and financially.

The Jesuits are a congregation of the Catholic Church that continues to support this project through the presence of the Chaplain who chairs the board of TECHO in Chile. His role is to promote fundamental values such as diversity, the non-denominational character of the institution, the leadership of young people and its fundamental focus on working for and with the most excluded families.

One of the values of TECHO is diversity, which is why everyone, regardless of their origin, creed, gender, orientation or economic situation, has an open door to be part of TECHO.

No. TECHO is a non-partisan organization, and through all the work of volunteers and inhabitants of settlements, seeks to make policy and generate advocacy, with the objective of changing the situation of poverty in which millions of people live in the region.

Through individual partners who contribute monthly, alliances with companies, international cooperation and the realization of different campaigns and fundraising events. Learn more in "FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT".


All families living in settlements who want to work with TECHO can access, propose and participate in the intervention model programs offered by the organization. To find out if TECHO is in your settlement or in your city, please contact the office in your country.

The families of the settlements participate from the first moment of our intervention, since they are the ones who organize themselves so that TECHO can begin the intervention together with them. From the recognition of the characteristics of the community, through the activation of community programs and projects and the joint management of solutions to their needs.