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25 years
More than 657 thousand lives changed and more than 1 million volunteers mobilized. It all started with a dream and a mission towards a just society without poverty. This is the trajectory of TECHO. Let's celebrate together!
housing is
just the beginning
In addition to emergency housing, we have other projects that seek to improve the habitat conditions of the inhabitants of popular settlements, such as water solutions and recreational spaces.
for a society
without poverty
Latin America is the most unequal region on the planet. At TECHO we work in popular settlements to address the housing and habitat problem.
CSR and volunteering
An opportunity to work with a tangible, short-term, triple-impact tool that generates value for the company, the environment and its employees

We seek to improve housing and habitat conditions through the design, management and construction of housing projects, access to basic services and community infrastructure, in joint action between residents and volunteer youth.

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participate as a partner

Join the more than 40,000 members who, with their monthly donations, allow us to continue working to overcome poverty in settlements.

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participate as a volunteer

Become part of the team of volunteers who are already making a real difference in the most excluded communities.

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participates as an allied company

We want to involve all actors in society in overcoming poverty and companies play a very important role in this.

Join us to build a more inclusive city

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your contribution counts

More than 131,000 families in Latin America now have emergency housing. This would not be possible without the support of volunteers and donors. Learn more about how we manage your contribution.


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